The enormous versatility, reliability and resistance of our system has led us to be able to offer houses 'built' with our patented system. To this end, we have developed and incorporated into our parts and system the best materials and solutions on the market for building... Achieving highly resistant and energetically efficient buildings (Classification A in all its sections), at the same time modern, very comfortable and beautiful.


StarModul system structure, reinforced according to its patent and calculations, forming a self-supporting mixed steel structure, with rolled steel, grey and HPN metal profiles.

Reinforced concrete foundation by 'running footing'.

Sandwich panel walls, which can be clad with Fiber Cement, Aluminum Composite, plastered, Sata or Viroc.

Interior plasterboard lining. With interior glass wool insulation.

Caviti system sanitary floor slab.

Reinforced concrete floor slab lightened with light aggregate (arlite type).

Stoneware flooring and tiling.

Pladur partition walls.

Sandwich panel roofing.