Advantages Assembly

  • Automatic squaring

It is not necessary to square the parts to be joined. The rigidity and precision of our products "drive" the pieces to the precise angle, an operation that, in other systems, requires two people, tools and a lot of skill.

  • 90° tube cutting

It is not necessary to cut tubes at 45º or any other angle than straight. Our parts "take care" of forming the precise angles.

  • No need for pre-preparation in the workshop.

No need for pre-assembly or machining in the workshop... Components are transported and assembled directly on site...

  • Can be carried out by unqualified personnel

The assembly can be carried out by anyone, even if they lack all previous knowledge or technical skills in this or other sectors. It is only necessary to follow the plan and a minimum of common sense.

  • No electric light is needed, as it can be assembled with hand tools.

To install two fixed wrenches, or if you prefer an angle or ratchet for any installation.

  • Crane-free, fast, simple and clean installation.

You will not find a simpler and faster system, it does not exist! ... Nor is there any other system that "soils" the installation site less, given its low demands on means or pre-assembly and assembly services ...

  • Assembly with a margin of the distance between tubes.

Our parts are able to absorb several millimeters of tolerance per connection end, so that the tubes do not require millimetric precision in their cutting.

millimeter precision in cutting.

  • Assembly system, dry construction

As no water is required for "construction" with our system, the logistical, infrastructure and cleaning needs of the "construction site" are reduced to anecdotal.


  • Economical system

You will not find another system or similar in terms of cost, reliability, durability and constructive suitability. Both for the price of the materials and for the very low incidence of labor.