Advantages System



  • New Constructive System of the 21st Century...

Because it meets all the efficiency, cost, rapidity, rationality, sustainability, simplicity, structural suitability and efficiency demands of today.

  • Screwed mounting, no welding required... 

A "nuance" more than important when making an installation, since the technical means, tools and knowledge are reduced to the slightest expression. Something that also minimizes the risks from the use of fire and electricity, especially in places with humidity or fire risk

  • Recyclable for its detachable property

Being a bolted system allows its reuse or adaptation in all or part. It also has the characteristic of sustainable by the recliclabilidad of the metal that forms it.

  • Infinite possibilities for structures of any kind

Arming rigid structures, with knots that allow different angles, makes it possible to construct almost any structural element that the mind conceives, for different and very disparate uses, with the common denominator of our technology

  • Compatible with standard market profiles that conform to the reference dimensions and valid for any section thereof 

Compatibility with metal tube, aluminum, gray, HUB, stainless .

  • Strong, consistent and lightweight structure system

These characteristics make our structures the best solution for mounting on weak or old structures that can not be overloaded. For example for enclosures in terraces, repair of covers, etc ... 

  • Lightweight foundation due to its low weight and consequent pressure on the ground.

En el caso de casetas, almacenes, graneros, oficinas, etc... La cimentación que se precisa es mínima. Generaalmente consiste en una pequeña losa o zapata corrida ligeramente armada y de poca sección. Algo que abarata y simplifica mucho el montaje.

  • Unique, patented product with CE marking

Automontaje Do yourself 
  • Possibility to increase the project easily without being disassembled

An important feature is the possibility of varying the design of the project, during or after it has been completed, in form or dimensions, in a simple and cheap way