Starmodul Construction System

Starmodul is a manufacturer of metallic joints for the construction of metallic structures. This type of structures can be disassembled since they are bolted structures and all the material used is galvanized. They are light structures and are made without welding.  Our system is an evolution of steel framing since we work with galvanized metal profiles of larger dimensions and greater thickness. 

The constructive system is patented, and is based on a series of pieces that allows individuals and professionals to make metal constructions, durable and consistent (with square tube bolted without welding), in a simple, fast and very economical way.

As they are prefabricated structures, the price per m2 of each structure is very competitive, and since they can be disassembled, they can be reused. The system is characterized for being a light structure which allows a quick and easy assembly.

Dwellings with homologation

Starmodul with its willingness to innovate, has developed its own construction system for the construction of houses and dwellings with light steel.

Soon we will have the PassivHous homologation so that our houses meet all the requirements to be biopassive. 


Franquicia Starmodul

Starmodul leads the market thanks to our exclusive system of bolted fasteners, patented throughout Europe, which allow a quick and cost-effective construction, as they reduce construction costs. 

In addition, with your work as a STARMODUL Franchisee, be more efficient, focused on attracting customers and install, avoiding high or superfluous expenses. From 150m2 you can make your premises (owned or rented) profitable with minimum costs, which will provide you with a high profitability.